Blues In All 12 Keys

The blues is one of the most important song forms and stylistic influences in jazz. That’s why you should know how to play the blues inside and out! Practice the blues with this play-along album, which takes you through all 12 keys.


Every jazz musician should practice the blues in all 12 keys! This play-along album features our blues tracks in every key so you can practice whenever you want and really improve your ability to play the blues. This play-along album is available in 4 different versions: Full Band (for all instruments), Bass and Drums (for compers), Piano and Bass (for drummers), and Drums and Piano (for bassists).

Includes (Digital Downloads):

  • 12 play-along tracks to practice along with.


  1. A Blues
  2. Ab Blues
  3. B Blues
  4. Bb Blues
  5. C Blues
  6. D Blues
  7. Db Blues
  8. E Blues
  9. Eb Blues
  10. F Blues
  11. G Blues
  12. Gb Blues


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