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We offer a variety of e-Books, online courses, software, and hundreds of jazz play-along downloads to help you become a better jazz musician. All of our premium jazz products have been thoughtfully created with our users in mind. We hope you enjoy!

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Our Inner Circle membership has everything you need to take your jazz playing to the next level, and then some:

  • Access to the Jazz Standards Club (monthly jazz standard studies)
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New to Jazz? Here’s a great introduction.

If you’ve often wondered how to get started playing jazz and felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount there is to learn, Jazz Improvisation Made Simple is a great place to start! This is not a music method book chock-full of music notation and exercises (see those below), but it is an overarching guide on how to learn jazz faster, improvise effortlessly, and become the musician you’ve always wanted to be. This will get you headed in the right direction.


The Jazz Standards Playbook Vol. 1

The Jazz Standards Playbook is an in-depth study of 10 jazz standards that will level-up your jazz playing. This eBook and companion course will help you extract the important lessons from these jazz standards so that learning and improvising over any jazz standard is 10X easier. Versions available for all instruments.

The Jazz Standards Playbook Vol. 2

The Jazz Standards Playbook Vol. 2 is an in-depth study of 10 jazz standards that will ignite your jazz improv. This eBook and companion course will help you extract the important lessons from 10 additional jazz standards including 10 brand new improv lessons not featured in Vol. 1. Versions available for all instruments.

Zero to Improv

Our flagship eBook, Zero to Improv, is a basic jazz theory book that teaches you how to become a great jazz improviser from the ground up. Packed full of improv and jazz theory lessons, you’ll start from the beginning and build up all of the skills and knowledge you need.

15 Essential Jazz Etudes 

These 15 jazz etudes will help you learn to navigate chord changes and become a better jazz soloist. Each etude is based on the chord progression to a common jazz standard. Includes 15 etudes, and mp3 examples. Versions available for C instrumentsbass, and guitar TABS


30 Steps to Better Jazz Playing (2.0)

30 Steps to Better Jazz Playing (formerly 30 Days to Better Jazz Playing), is our flagship jazz practicing course. You will speed up your jazz improvement with 30 sessions of focused, goal-oriented practicing where you will be working on stuff that actually moves the needle.

If you’re looking for a jazz practice program that really works, no matter where you are at in your playing, this course is for you.

Jazz Blues Accelerator

Jazz Blues Accelerator is my powerful jazz blues practicing course that digs deep into a process for jazz blues mastery.

If you have mastery over a jazz blues you have an unfair advantage for all of the rest of jazz improv.

If you feel stuck in the blues scale, pentatonics, and copy-and-paste licks, this course is just the thing for you.

How to Play What You Hear

How to Play What You Hear is an ear training course that walks you through 4 important steps for improving your ears so you can play the music you hear in your head more easily.

It’s a quiz-based course that truly trains your ears one concept at a time. Even if you’ve never had ear training experience before, this course sets you up for success. Let’s get started!



When making play-alongs, practice tracks and loops, we use our favorite practicing software, Band-in-a-Box. Band-in-a-Box is a virtual band software that allows you to input any chord changes and playback with RealTracks, which are samples of real musicians.

There are tons of powerful capabilities built in to help aid you in your practice sessions. We offer this program with a set of special bonuses and Band-in-a-Box files for our entire jazz standards library!