No matter what level you are at, or what instrument you play, we have all of the tools you need to succeed, accelerate your growth, and transform you into the jazz musician you’ve always dreamed of.


“Before joining The Inner Circle, I didn’t know how to even begin to play jazz solos. Once I joined the Inner Circle, it gave me a starting place. It gave me little baby steps that I could start taking toward this huge goal, and I am feeling so much more confident now. I have a plan, and it’s really giving me the opportunity to have more freedom in my playing. I highly recommend The Inner Circle to anybody who is stuck and wants to get unstuck in their jazz solos!”
Ashley from Louisiana, Vocals/Ukulele
“Since joining the Inner Circle, I have received amazing instruction that has helped me in my practice routines and overall playing! What I like is that it is not only for one specific instrument, but helps one’s overall musicianship and confidence in playing jazz with other musicians. I personally feel that it far exceeds other jazz courses and memberships out there. Highly recommend!”
Ronald from the USA, Saxophone
“Before I joined the Inner Circle, I had tried a lot of things for playing jazz. But it really wasn’t until I joined the Inner Circle that things started clicking! I am radically improved even in one year of being in the Inner Circle. It’s a great value as well. Literally for only the price of half of a lesson, you get all the material you could ever imagine. I highly recommend it and thumbs up!
Kimberly from Idaho, Guitar
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