20 Jazz Standards For Beginners


These are some important jazz standards to know.  These tunes are also great for beginners to work on if you are new to jazz and need help getting started. Start learning and practicing these 20 jazz standards with this play-along album!

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Here are some easy tunes for beginning improvisers.  These tunes are great for beginners because they have a relatively few number of chords, a stable key center, and generally easy melodies.

Just because these songs are great for beginners doesn’t mean that they won’t take work to learn!  However, as long as a beginning jazz musician has a solid musical foundation, they should be able to be learn these tunes.

Includes (Digital Downloads):

  • 20 jazz standards play-along tracks
  • Chord charts for C, Bb, and Eb instruments

Track list:

  1. All Blues
  2. Autumn Leaves
  3. Blue Monk
  4. Blue Bossa
  5. Bag’s Groove
  6. C-Jam Blues
  7. Cold Duck Time
  8. Doxy
  9. Fly Me to the Moon
  10. Lester Leaps In
  11. Mack the Knife
  12. Mr. P.C.
  13. My Little Suede Shoes
  14. Song For My Father
  15. St. Thomas
  16. Summertime
  17. There is No Greater Love
  18. Watermelon Man
  19. What is this Thing Called Love
  20. Work Song