20 Advanced Etudes For Solo Saxophone


This e-Book, by acclaimed saxophonist Josiah Boornazian, features 20 challenging and technical etudes written for saxophone, but playable on any treble clef instrument that can play in that range. These fun and unique compositions will help you improve your technique, rhythm, phrasing, and use of odd meters. Includes 52 pages, 20 etudes, and recordings of each etude so you can hear how they sound.

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20 Advanced Etudes are extremely fun and challenging studies written for modern saxophonists. These etudes are impossible to classify – they freely mix jazz, classical, pop, and non-western musical influences. However, these etudes can work for any treble clef instruments that can play comfortably in a saxophone’s range. The etudes address a variety of musical topics including wide intervallic leaps, the use of extreme registers and dynamic levels, the navigation of a complex post-tonal pitch language, the use of odd meters and asymmetrical rhythms and phrases, and the necessity of developing a confident and individualistic approach to musical interpretation and improvisation. Additionally, these etudes provide improvisers and composers with  samples of improvisational and compositional strategies. Tackle these etudes at your own risk!

Hear an etude in action!

This a great book! But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what some professional jazz musicians have to say:

“Josiah Boornazian’s 20 Modernist Etudes For Solo Saxophone is an inventive exploration of diverse concepts… I highly recommend this exceptional book as an enlightening and inspiring experience. Bravo!”

-Steve Wilson

“It was refreshing… exploring Josiah Boornazian’s
20 Modernist Etudes For Solo Saxophone… I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to reach ‘outside the box’ of typical etudes.”

-Timothy Roberts

“Josiah Boornazian is an important future voice in creative and improvised music.”

-David Binney


  • 52 pages.
  • 20 advanced etudes.
  • Recordings of each etude so you can hear how they sound.