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*This Live Event Has Concluded, but you can still get all of the recordings until 3/01/2022*


Discover the 1-day virtual event that delivers the best jazz education you can experience, all in one spot!

What is Learn Jazz Live?

Learn Jazz Live is a 1-day virtual event that brings together world-class jazz educators to deliver the best jazz education you can get your hands on. You'll get access to top-notch jazz workshops on topics such as jazz improv, jazz theory, harmony, learning jazz standards, practicing, and mindset. You'll leave feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to take your jazz playing to the next level!


Why you need to be at Learn Jazz Live:

World-Class Jazz Educators

You'll be learning from our speakers who are renowned jazz musicians, educators, and influencers.

Powerful Video Workshops

You'll get access to powerful workshops from our speakers that will help you shorten the learning curve and level up your jazz playing.

Live Q&A Sessions

You'll get the opportunity to ask speakers questions during live Q&A sessions following their workshops.

Speaker Handouts

You'll get handouts such as PDFs from speaker's workshops which you can use to get to practicing and improving right away!

Highly Motivating!

As our past attendees will confirm, you'll leave Learn Jazz Live feeling more motivated than ever to practice and improve your jazz playing.


Speakers and Workshops

"How to Start Effortlessly Improvising Jazz Solos"


You're doing all of the "right things" like learning jazz solos, just like everyone tells you to, but you still feel like you can't improvise well. That's because there is a huge gap between learning musical language and then actually improvising it. In this workshop Brent Vaartstra teaches you his 3-Step process for bridging the gap between learning solos to improvising solos you can be proud of.

"Unlocking Bebop Vocabulary and Using It In Your Solos"


Bebop is one of the most dominant styles of jazz language, and when you hear musicians like Charlie Parker play, wow do they sound good! But how can you start understanding and replicating this for yourself? In this workshop Jens Larsen teaches you some powerful strategies for utilizing bebop language and applying it to your improvisation.

"9 Levels to Improvisation Mastery"

Brenden Lowe

There's a lot of information out there about how to improvise with tactics and strategies that can have you going for years. But what's an effective formula for improving your improvisation without all of the fluff? In this workshop Brenden Lowe teaches you his 9 levels to improvisation mastery that is sure to take your jazz solos to the next level.

"Orchestrating Your Musical Breakthrough"

Brett Pontecorvo

If you are feeling stuck in your jazz playing, chances are you need a complete mindset overhaul, you just don't know it yet. What if getting to the next level as a musician was as simple as shifting your mindset and strategies for success? In this workshop Brett Pontecorvo teaches you how to set yourself up to win every time, stay continually motivated, and orchestrate the breakthrough you are cable of acheiving today.

"3 Devices to Up-level Your Blues Solos & Break Free From Running Up & Down Blues & Pentatonic Scales"

Donna Schwartz

Everyone loves playing the blues, and being able to play this important song form well is crucial to your jazz success. But chances are you've felt enslaved to running the same old scales and wishing you could get more musical results. In this workshop, Donna Schwartz teaches you how to take your blues solos to the next level with 3 devices.

"How to Be the Ultimate Musician - 5 Accelerators for Your Musical Growth"


If you think you've reached your full musical potential, think again! Chris Davis is a professional musician and educator who knows the ropes and has walked the walk. In this workshop, Chris reveals his 5 accelerators for growing as a musician regardless of what level you are at now.

"Effectively Practicing the Modes"


Modes can be extremely powerful devices for jazz improvisation and harmony if used in the right way. In this workshop Nick Mainella teaches you effective strategies and exercises for mastering the modes so you can start utilizing them to their full potential.

"Improving Your Jazz Time Feel and Rhythms"


Often we are worried about playing hipper chords and better jazz lines, but nothing can derail all of that more than a poor time feel and lack of rhythmic proficiency. In this workshop Diego Maldonado teaches you his strategies for improving your time feel and rhythm so you can start sounding like a pro.

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Level-up Your Jazz Solos

You'll leave Learn Jazz Live with a host of techniques and strategies to implement in your jazz improv

Crack the Music Theory Code

You'll leave Learn Jazz Live with a better understanding of music theory and how to apply it to jazz standards in a musical way

Improve your skills faster

You'll leave Learn Jazz Live with real strategies for getting the most out of your practice sessions and focusing on the right things

Overcome Mental Barriers

You'll leave Learn Jazz Live with tools to overcome performance anxiety, acheive peak performance, and develop healthy mindsets for musical growth


About the Gold Pass:

LJS Inner Circle Membership + FREE LJS Live Ticket

As hosts and sponsors of LJS Live 2022, Learn Jazz Standards is offering a free all-access pass when signing up for an annual LJS Inner Circle membership! The Inner Circle is a jazz community and training that gives you all the tools you need to make meaningful progress in your jazz playing. With the purchase of your Gold Pass you’ll get instant access to the Inner Circle.

Inner Circle Membership Includes:

  • Monthly jazz standards studies (video training, etudes, exercises, practice programs)
  • In-depth practice programs and premium jazz improv courses
  • Basics 101 Courses to help cover the essentials and set you up for success
  • Live Q&A’s during our Monthly Jazz Mastermind
  • Instrument Accelerator Courses (Guitar, Piano, Bass, Sax, Trumpet)
  • Premium and vibrant community of like- minded musicians playing all instruments

Have Questions? Here are some answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not to worry! When you purchase the Silver or Gold pass you’ll get life-time access to all of the Learn Jazz Live 2022 recordings after the event is concluded. You don’t have to be there live to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime training.

We recommend that you have experience playing your instrument, but beginners to jazz improvisation are welcome! Some topics may be more advanced than others, but you’ll leave with actionable steps to take to get you headed in the right direction.

Yes! If you are a melodic and/or harmonic instrument you will find this event incredibly helpful, not matter what instrument you play.

Drummers may find this event not as pertinent to their instrument, but can still get value from the training.

Schedules for all speaker workshops and participating live Q&A’s will be available to attendees 2-4 weeks prior to the start of the event.

The main topics our speakers are creating workshops for are as follows:

  • Jazz improvisation strategies
  • Music theory and harmony
  • Jazz practicing tips and hacks
  • Mindset and acheiving peak musical performance

Yes! You’ll be the first to know schedules, speaker workshop topics, and you’ll get access to a private Facebook group to start engaging with other attendees.

Prior to the event you will be emailed access to the Event Room, and you’ll also be able to login from this very page (learnjazzlive.com).

You’ll get immediate access to your membership, and access to Learn Jazz Live on January 29th, 2022, and the recordings after the event is concluded.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Contact us here.

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